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    4-in-1 Tool (Shutoff, Pry, Dig, etc.)

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      Purchase 4-in-1 Tool (Shutoff, Pry, Dig, etc.)

      SKU: 27-01-001
      4-in-1 Tool (Shutoff, Pry, Dig, etc.)




      Ideal addition for your Emergency Kits.

      Designed & Tested by: Professional Firefighters!

      • Tough Heat treated Alloy
      • Won't Spark
      • Won't Rust
      • Patented
      • 5 Year Warranty

      In a disaster situation, it is essential to be able to perform certain tasks. It may be necessary to turn off the gas valve to avoid an explosion or fire due to a gas leak, and you must be able to turn off your main water valve in the event of a pipe break, which could result in severe flooding of your home or business.

      The American Red Cross recommends that every disaster preparedness kit include a tool for turning off gas and water. The heavy duty yet lightweight On Duty 4-in-1 Tool can easily perform these tasks and more:

      • Shuts off Gas
      • Shuts off Water
      • Pries open Doors
      • Digs thru Debris

      The prying feature gives maximum leverage to pry open doors, cabinets and other openings for quick access into damaged areas and the rubbish claw allows safe, effective digging through debris to help get to covered supplies or trapped victims.

      Police and Fire Department personnel routinely carry the 4-in-1 Tool in their vehicles for emergency use. It is made in the U.S.A. of tough, heat-treated alloy that won’t spark or rust, and it comes with a five-year warranty.