Fundraising with a Purpose

Finally, you can hold your head up high and be proud of offering an essential product at a fair price!  Parents will thank you. Expect to far exceed your typical fundraiser program.

Our brochure offers various emergency items with a wide range of costs to fit every budget. You will be surprised at how many larger emergency kits you will sell. We have designed a profit margin ranging from 33% to 50% on our various products. The smaller items net higher returns and the more expensive whole family kits naturally net a lower percentage to keep them affordable.

What organization needs emergency supplies in case of a disaster more than a school? But how many are well equipped? Now is your chance.  You can sell emergency supplies to all your school families and use the funds you raise to purchase emergency supplies for each of your classrooms.

If you are a civic group, business, government office, hospital, etc., and thinking to sell emergency items solely for the purpose of individual employee preparedness with no intention to raise funds for your organization, you can still run this fundraiser and apply the net profit to buy food to feed starving children.  Check out our feeding starving children program and food packing event.

At .30 cents a meal you can buy 25,000 meals for $7,500!  Selling the emergency supplies may get you most of the way there.  The packing event is a great morale booster.

All checks are written to your organization.

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