• "Functional Need" Solutions
    Functional answers for comfort, communication, hospital beds, kits, lighting, sanitation & more
  • CERT Kits & Supplies

    Wise CERT Planning Considerations... challenging our assumptions for the long term benefit of all!

    • What will be the likely mission(s) of your CERT teams?
    • Fit your kits & supplies to the mission! In a very serious, lengthy disaster your team may be called on to go beyond normal missions... even beyond formal training.
    • Consider the climatic & weather possibilities for the time of year, and length of the mission.
    • If your team is deployed, how self-sufficient should they be?
    • Do you have authority or the authority you need?
    • What supplies are you to have?
    • Will others have supplies for you?
    • If deployed, how will you be supplied?

    Customize your kits - just call us!


    Simpler Life has been privileged to build thousands of CERT kits for different agencies and businesses across the United States. Besides custom kits, we offer a host of bulk supplies at discount prices!


    We are proud to stock the following inventory of CERT kits and supplies:

    • All-Weather Writing Pads, Pen
    • Backpacks
    • Comfort / Sanitation
    • Communication
    • Duffle Bags
    • Emotional Support
    • Food - Ready-To-Eat
    • Lighting
    • Medical & First Aid
    • Personal Protection
    • Tapes
    • Tools
    • Vests
    • Warmth
    • Water & Water Purification
  • Comfort Kits and Hygiene Supplies

    Emergency Personal Care is an inexpensive investment!

    We have made a host of personal care kits. Here are a couple of our most popular for your get-away kit, your car, or for shelter operations.

    Also available:

    • Custom made kits with additional components such as deodorant, body lotion, shaving cream, razors, etc.
    • Bulk cases of individual supplies.

    Please contact us for further information!

  • Corporate Kits, Supplies & Equipment

    Field Tested and Proven!

    Ideal for "Shelter-in-Place" or "Evacuation"

    Features Include

    • Full 3 day, 3600 calorie Food Bar Packets
    • Many Packaging Choices
      • Duffel Bags / Backpacks
      • Industrial Stackable Totes
      • Wheeled Duffles & Containers
    • Custom Made Units
    • Econo or Deluxe versions to match your budget
    • Individual or Group kits (or a combination of both)

    Suggested Uses

    • High-rise Buildings
    • Office Complexes
    • Warehouses
    • Churches
    • Hospitals
    For Employee Preparation Programs, Call 1-800-266-PREP (7737)
  • EMS, Medical Kits & Supplies

    Innovative, Proven, Professional Products for First Aid, First Response, Pre-hospital & Hospital Organization and Care.

    Ideal for Pre-positioned Stocked Trailers and Caches,

    Yes, we do custom kits - minimum order may apply
  • Evacuation Kits
    Proven products and kits to facilitate your evacuations.
  • Family "Grab & Go" Kits

    There is a great difference in what’s out there! Read on .....

    Prepare your staff and their families with fine, thorough kits. How about thru payroll deduction? Find out more [INSERT INFO ABOUT PAYROLL DEDUCTION]

    Features Include:

    Full 3 day, 3600 calorie Food Bar Packets on both the Basic and Deluxe series. Many, many providers offer a 2400 calorie, 2 day food bar in an advertised 3 day kit, but it is only a 2 day kit.

    These products are assembled and manufactured in our facility. We do not "drop ship" from our vendors. This approach allows us to give you the latest, freshest products for maximum shelf life.

    These make great gifts anytime of the year!

  • Featured

    Newest and Best-Selling Products

  • Food & Water

    Proven Sustenance

    Long Shelf Life

    Ideal for:

    • Prepositioned Food Caches
    • Shelter Feeding
    • EOC's
    • Neighborhood Disaster Response
    • Churches
    • Any mass feeding as well as individual & family preparedness
  • Hard Hats & Safety Vests
    For your Response Teams including CERT.
  • Kits for Hospitals, Clinics, EMS & Public Health Facilities

    Kits for Hospitals, Clinics, EMS & Public Health Facilities

    NOTE: We specialize in customizing kits. Celox Hemostatic Gauze PadsQuikClot EHS can be added to almost all kits. Call us toll free 1-800-266-7737 for a quote.


  • Lighting & Power Solutions

    "There shall be no night there; They need no lamp nor light of the sun, for the Lord God gives them light. And they shall reign forever and ever." Revelation 22:5

    "I am the light of the world, he who follows after me shall not walk in darkness but shall have the light of life." John 8:12

  • New Items!

    Simpler Life is constantly adding New & Innovative Items.

  • O'Henry Pole & Frame Tents

    Ohenry makes some of the best tents in America!

    Ohenry stocks a massive number of tents for quick delivery!

    Since 1979 Ohenry Productions, Inc. has been manufacturing heavy duty vinyl tents for the tent industry. We specialize in the construction of frame tents, high peak tension tents and pole tents which meet the demands of the party tent rental industry and major disasters.

    Ohenry party tents are built with top-quality first-run materials, made in the United States of America!

    Standard tent sizes are from 10' x 10' to 100' x 200'. If you need a frame tent or pole tent that will stand the test of time, you will be glad when you invest in an Ohenry tent.

    The U.S. military has chosen Ohenry several times when they have a need for many large pole type tents on short notice. Thousands of U.S. service men have been billeted in Ohenry pole tents in Afghanistan, Iraq and around the world.

    FEMA chose Ohenry tents during the onslaught of the hurricanes which ravaged Florida in 2004. Truck loads of relief tents were delivered to FEMA within 24 hours. FEMA once again chose Ohenry in 2006 to send truckloads of pole tents to the Gulf Coast for the areas affected by Katrina. Thousands were sheltered under our quality pole tents.

    Ohenry is very, very serious about leading the tent manufacturing industry when it comes to having the largest "on the shelf".


  • Public Health, Hospitals & EMS

    Innovative Products for pre-hospital & Hospital Care

    Ideal for pre-positioned Trailers or Cache's

    Strong Kits - Yes we do custom Kits!

  • Public Utilities
    Targeted, proven kits & supplies to serve you while you're on the "firing line"!
  • Sanitation Kits & Supplies
    Proven, cost effective solutions to a difficult issue.
  • School/Campus Kits & Supplies

    Try School Fundraising using Emergency Kits and Supplies.  You purchase at a discount and sell for a fundraising profit!

    Call us NOW at 800-266-7737

  • Specialty Emergency Kits

    Custom "Go" Kits to your specs.

    Pandemic Emergency Kits to your specs.

    These proven Kits we've built, meet specific needs of our customers.

    These are available Factory direct for you...or we can build your custom Kit.

  • Vehicle Kits
    Vehicle Kits for Emergencies
America's Premiere Custom Kit Builder!

Custom Emergency Kits at a Great Price!

Call us toll free 1-800-266-PREP (7737)

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