Emergency Treatment COT



Emergency Treatment COT

450lb. Capacity

This very innovative Emergency Treatment Cot (ETC) was developed as a first response unit for medical and disaster relief management. The cot features a strong aluminum steel frame for support and includes two buckled straps to ensure safety and security for the patient. Designed to allow both the head and the foot of the cot to be elevated.  This comfortable sturdy, large cot provides immediate care where transport and/or hospital services may not be quickly available.


  • Fully washable fabrics (ensuring that the unit can be sanitized after each use)
  • Heavy duty tension straps (provides stability in various positions of the cot)
  • Patient restraining straps (provide excellent safety in the event of moving or transporting the patient or where the patient requires restraining)
  • Adjustable head and foot

Product Specifications:

Setup: 85″L x 32″W x 17″H

Bed: 85″L x 32″W

Weight: 27 lbs.

Capacity: 450 lbs.

Folded: 34″L x 33″W x 8″H

Shipping: 35″L x 33″W x 8″H

Shipping dimensions and weight:

40” L x 8” W x 5”H and 30 lbs.

Open size dimensions:

80” L x 29 1/2”W x 19” H  ….  Ground to bed heights: 19” H


Pallet Specifications:

10 Cots per pallet

325 lbs. per pallet

Pallet Size (cube) 36” x 36” x 72”


Surge Beds, Hospitals, Clinics

Disaster Relief, Triage Areas

Event Planning

Mass, Care & Sheltering

Big Business "Shelter in Place"

Airports / Airlines

Transportation Centers, Trains, Ships, Buses


EOC / Crisis Centers

School, Colleges & Universities

Assisted Living / Senior Centers

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