Aqua Blox - 6.75 oz. with Straw



Call For  5 or more Pallet Pricing!

New packaging! Same size, now 32 per case (4-8 packs)

Ideal for Office, School, E.O.C., Home. . .Just right 6.75 oz. size for each Blox!

Each case contains 32 boxes in a tray for a total of 1.70 gallons of pure drinking water.

Storage size (a case) is 14.5" x 8.0" x 4 3/4" and weighs 14.3 pounds.

Pallet Info:

Can be purchased by the pallet. Each pallet consists of 119 cases, providing 202 gallons of pure drinking water and weighing 1,995 pounds (including the pallet). Pallet height is 38.0". Pallet size is 40" x 48".

  • 6.75 oz. sturdy box....32/case
  • Convenient, user-friendly, "juice type" containers with straws
  • Minimizes potential water loss caused by "over or under" gripping of conventional water pouches
  • Easy to set down. When empty, container can be used as a cup
  • 5 Year Storage Life
  • Made in the USA
  • U.S. Coast Guard approved
  • Temperature range: -22F to 150F

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