"BIG BLUE" 32oz Blue Can - Premium Emergency Drinking Water Premium Emergency Drinking Water w/ 50 year Shelf Life



"BIG BLUE" 32oz

50 Year Emergency Drinking Water

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  • 50 year Shelf Life eliminates the need to rotate expiring water - Saves labor, cost effective amortized over 50 years.  (Do the math!)
  • Ultra-Pure Water. 1ppm of Dissolved Solids (No boiling, filtering or tabs needed)
  • User Friendly - Convenient 32 oz "Pop Top" aluminum cans
  • Green, Eco-friendly & Sustainable Recyclable containers
  • Pallets are shipped as single pallets. If desired, at storage location, pallets can be stacked 2 high if the bottom pallets are prepared – upon order- with a securing strap and a wood pallet on top of the bottom pallet for stability.
  • 32 fl. oz. cans – 100 cases ⨉ 9 cans/case (900 cans/pallet, 225 total gallons of Blue Can Water). Each 9 can case is 2.25 gallons. Packaging: Water and packaging comply with standards for purified drinking water, with a 50-year shelf life
  • Neutral ph - BPA Free
  • Stays fresh even in extreme heat          
  • Should NOT be frozen
  • Quick Hydration
  • On Site Storage - Positioning beforehand is great wisdom
  • Hospitals Love this new 32oz can.  Excellent for food preparation.

  • Ready Preparation, Response & Recovery for Hospitals - Schools - Churches - Businesses - High Rise buildings, Etc.


  • 100 Cases: 900 Cans - 225 Gallons (28,800 oz.)
  • Weight: 2,090 lbs. (plus the pallet 35 lbs)
  •  Pallet Dimensions: 48" x 40" x 69" High
  • Pallet Configuration: 9 Cases/tier x 11 tiers/ 1 case in the middle
  • Pallets are wrapped in plastic to keep out dirt and bacteria and strategically balanced for shipping
  • Size of the pallet can vary upon request.
  • Serves approx. 450 people for 1 day at 64 oz. per day. 
NOTE:  California orders will have a California Redemption Value (CRV) charged to their orders according to CA CRV Rates in addition to what is shown in your shopping cart
These charges are $0.10 per can.
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