Bath Wipe Packets




Ideal for "No Water" situations...

  • Special Needs
  • EOC Emergency
  • Cashes & Kits
  • Public Health
  • First Responders
  • Shelters

An excellent alternative to our daily bath or shower. Perfect for Medical, Personal Care, & Field kits. Simple and Convenient!

What is it? Pre-moistened, disposable, soft, lotion blend cloths in a re-closable packet. (8 cloths per packet) Rinse Free.

Proven. Used throughout the nation in hospitals and nursing homes. Invented by a nurse.

Convenient & Disaster "fitted". No water required. No towel required. Self use or used to bathe patients & children. Microwavable

Gentle & Safe. Contains Aloe Vera. Anti microbial. Free of alcohol & soaps. Clean fresh smell. Latex Free. Soothes, Moisturizes and balances the PH.

Usage. Used prudently, 2 - 4 baths per packet. Shelf life of 2 years, depending on temperatures.

Also available with "Warm Redi + Wash" (choose from "Size" list above)

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