Emergency Reading Glasses



Are you having trouble reading menus, receipts, prescriptions, labels, phone books, maps and more because of small print, low light or both?

What would someone do if they lost their glasses in an emergency?

The solution - these patented reading glasses. All other magnification devices limit your field of magnification by the size of the device. With these reading glasses everything in your field of vision is magnified making reading small print easier than ever!

  • Precision convex lens design enhances your field of vision
  • Provides distortion-free clarity
  • +2.00 power (medium strength) to accommodate for average vision assistance
  • Small size Compact size allows you to easily carry the glasses in a shirt pocket, wallet, camera bag, purse or briefcase case
  • No bulky glasses case required so it’s easy to take with you everywhere.
  • Offers an optical quality comparable to glass but more durable
  • Low-cost Inexpensive…you can afford to have several pairs of these reading glasses to ensure you are never without a pair when you need them.
  • Works from the left or right side Easy to use…no fumbling around to find the “correct way” to use.
  • Made of durable plastic Long-lasting…comfortable and safe to use.
  • Uniform size One size easily fits all…no guessing as to the proper size to buy.
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