Toilet in a Bag



  • Ideal for Schools, Police, Firefighters, Corporate Emergency, CERT Team, and all 1st Responders.
  • One waste bag with Pooh-Powder. that gels up to 30oz. of liquid & processes, and deodorizes solids.
  • One Large Zip-Close Disposal Bag, no special handling required.
  • Toilet Paper and Hand Sanitizer included.

Easy to use double-bag system made of a puncture resistant material, with a locking zip closure. Each waste bag is pre-loaded with non-toxic Pooh-Powder, which gels waste, catalyzes decay, and removes odors (no perfumes). WAG Bag kits are bio-degradable and are approved for disposal in landfills. May be used effectively with facility toilets, such as Schools, Office buildings, etc...or with portable toilet systems in the field. Case size is 11"x13"x13"

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