Ohenry Frame Tents



The frame type tent is ideal for use indoors where staking is not possible, or in applications where a center pole is undesirable. or the tent needs to be installed against a building. Frame tents should be staked out just like a pole tent when used outdoors.

Frame tents were originally conceived as a design which eliminates the center pole or poles of a traditional pole tent. This is the main reason for this type tent. While eliminating the center pole can be advantageous, the frame type design creates it own set of difficulties. The biggest difference between pole and frame type tents is that frame tents use specialized hardware, and require much more labor to install.

Tent with Cathedral Window (C.W.) Walls:

  • All tops are extra heavy duty 17oz block out
  • Fully re-enforced patches at wear points
  • Straps and buckles sewn in 32oz of material
  • Rust resistant buckles
  • Curtain rope double re-enforced
  • Storage bag included
  • 2” 6005 T-5 schedule 10 anodized marine aluminum tubing
  • Frame parts attach together with pins
  • Telescoping heavy duty legs available as an option
  • Corners, center crown, and side fittings are welded steel
  • 30’ & 40’ wide tents are expandable sectional type
  • Stakes & guy ropes are included with purchase
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