Ultra Bright Light System



For those who need

...serious EMERGENCY personal lighting

...Regular, Hands Free, Powerful Light!

Ideal For:

  • Medical Response Teams
  • Search & Rescue Teams
  • Evacuation Safety - Floor / Fire Wardens
  • Fire Fighters
  • Damage / Structural Assessment Teams
  • Public Works Safety & Industrial Applications
  • Specs./Features/Benefits:
  • 24 LEDs - average life - 11 years
  • Weight - Less than 12 oz.
  • Takes 4 - AA Batteries (NOT included)
  • Provides 5-7 hours of run time... followed by 48 hrs. of low level emergency lights.
  • Waterproof
  • Spark-Proof
  • Impact Resistant
  • Worn like a head band - Adjustable comfortable strap - Fits head and hard hat
  • Ranges up to 150' in front, 60' peripheral
  • L.E.D. arrangement elimates shadows.
  • One year warranty (excludes wear from use, abuse or accidents)

General Safety / Medical Model

  • 24 white LEDs with on & off switch.
  • No photopic senors.

Fire Fighter

  • 20 white LEDs & 4 green LEDs to maximize human visual perception. Helps see through black smoke.
  • Autodim - automatic dim when reflections or another light source are present.
  • Fire Resistant - Tested to 500°F including the strap.
  • Simple twist On & Off switch.
  • No Shadow Zone
  • Photopic Lighting


"I've sold several of these lights, and its garnering much interest. My partner uses one (fire medic), my girlfriend uses one (fire fighter), my sister uses one (medic engineer). I work at a double house (truck and pump) and do time on both rigs, we are smack dab in the middle of three very busy freeways (its called the golden triangle) so we are on the freeway a lot. I feel it contributes to my safety while on the freeway, the twin banks of LEDs are very noticeable and really light me up."

- Jeff, San Diego Fire Rescue

"This is the absolute best light pattern that I have experienced. Believe me, I have used and/or looked at nearly every headlamp on the market. This includes some home-grown lights. Your light is bright and has sifficient field of view to not get the whole tunnel vision thing. The color temperature is great. It is now my favorite light source. Second, the lamp is very stable on a helmet. The field of view is traffic. I am very satisfied."

- San Bernardino County Sheriff's Cave Rescue Team, CA

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