A.C.T. (Active Crisis Tool) - helps deter Active Shooters by establishing a "safe room" environment!




Device/Tool & Door Anchor Plate
(Now comes in only one version - now 2 Pieces)

Helps to Deter or Stop Active Shooters!

Provides a strong "safe room" environment

Deters or stops active assailants until professional help arrives

The ACT meets and exceeds all DHS/FBI Joint Intelligence Bulletin recommendations (Dated 27 Dec. 2012)

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  • Designed by two USA SWAT team members
  • Proven in real-life situations
  • Defined as a "tool" not a "lock"
  • Simple ("low tech")
    • No electricity or electronics
    • No coded keypads
  • Quick, easy deployment - set/release with foot or hand
  • Compact, yet strong and solid
    • High-strength steel rod
      • Steel spring
        • Aircraft aluminum
          • Lasts a LONG time
              • Install on inside of an appropriate door, protecting the activator from risk
              • If room needs to evacuated, A.C.T. is easily disengaged
              • Device may be moved & used in another prepared door
              • Professionally made in USA
              • Withstands high velocity impact - up to 15,000 PSI
              • No special skills required to activate and deactivate
              • Children or (most) elderly people can engage or disengage the device
              • No maintenance required
              • Regular inspections are recommended to keep the rod hole clean



               Ideal for

              • Schools
              • Universities & Colleges
              • Businesses
              • Churches
              • Government Offices
              • Homes



              A wise investment!

              Simpler Life Emergency Provisions, Inc. has been selectively chosen to help market this potentially life-saving product.  We are honored to do so.

              Watch these videos to see how effective A.C.T. is.

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              How the device is used

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