Triage Tarp System (set of 10)



This Tarp System maintains a safe, dry environment at mass casualty situations, drastically reducing the risk of first responders slipping and falling on a victim, thus injuring themselves or the victim.

This innovative System features a highly absorbent core that quickly wicks away blood, water, and body fluids, maintaining a low-slip surface.

Priced as a package of 10 tarps: This System comes as two Sets of 5 tarps. Each Set contains one each green, yellow, red, grey, and black tarps. Each tarp is 6' x 12'.


  • 5 color system helps First Responders classify the severity of injuries.
  • Size and configuration of tarps can be quickly adjusted based on the extent of the disaster because of the Velcro stitched onto the tarps.
  • Tarps can be velcroed together to create the size of surface you need.
  • Absorbent core contains blood, water, and bodily fluids.
  • Absorbent tarp has insulating qualities which help protect the patient from the cold or hot surface upon which the tarp is affixed.
  • Grommet system enables victims to be treated on a safe surface free from the effects of the natural elements.
  • Heavy-duty Velcro stitched down the length of each 6' x 12' tarp allows tarps to adhere to one another.
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