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    MRE, Reduced Sodium

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      MRE, Reduced Sodium




      Reduced Sodium MRE’s

      16 Meals Per Case

      Direct, fresh from Dept. of Defense U.S. Contractor

      Entrée selection varies
      Typical Menu’s (Usually 6 Menu’s per case):
      1. Beef Ravioli in Meat and textured soy protein sauce
      2. Vegetable Lasagna
      3. Cheese Tortellini in tomato sauce
      4. Chili-Mac, Macaroni and Beef in sauce
      5. Penne with Vegetable Sausage crumbles in spicy tomato sauce
      6. Spaghetti with meat and textured soy flour sauce
      1000 – 1200 calories varying w/ menu’s & Accessories

      Most meals include the following accessories:
      • Ration heater / meal. Note: 2oz of water needed to activate
      • Toaster Pastry, cracker or bread
      • Fruit Spread
      • Dessert or tootsie roll
      • Plastic Spoon
      • Napkin