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Simpler Life Emergency Provisions says...Thank You!

Because of your great response we would like to offer you these special discounted items. Of course, if you would like a quote on quantities, have any questions or would like a physical catalog of all our kits & items let us know.

Southern California Facilities Expo Specials

12oz Blue Can or 32oz Big Blue Premium Emergency Drinking Water w/ 50 year Shelf Life




  • 50 year Shelf Life eliminates the need to rotate expiring water - Saves labor, cost effective amortized over 50 years.  (Do the math!)
  • Ultra-Pure Water. 1ppm of Dissolved Solids (No boiling, filtering or tabs needed)
  • User Friendly - Convenient 12 oz "Pop Top" aluminum cans
  • Green, Eco-friendly & Sustainable Recyclable containers
  • Convenient Long Term Storage on 40" x 48" x 69" High Pallets
  • Each 24, 12oz can case is 2.25 gallons. It's packaged in a complete cardboard box with knock-out holes for lifting & carrying.  This feature is included for cases on a pallet. 1 pallet is 100 cases or 225 gallons.
  • For 32 fl. oz. cans it's 100 cases ⨉ 9 cans/case (900 cans/pallet, 225 total gallons of Blue Can Water). Each 9 can case is 2.25 gallons. Packaging: Water and packaging comply with standards for purified drinking water, with a 50-year shelf life
  • Neutral ph - BPA Free
  • Stays fresh even in extreme heat
  • Should NOT be frozen
  • Quick Hydration
  • On Site Storage - Positioning beforehand is great wisdom
  • Ready Preparation, Response & Recovery for Hospitals - Schools - Churches - Businesses - High Rise buildings, Etc.



  • 100 Cases: 2,400 Cans - 225 Gallons (28,800 oz.)
  • Weight: 1900 lbs. (plus the pallet 35 lbs)
  •  Pallet Dimensions: 40" x 48" x 69" High
  • Pallet Configuration: 9 Cases/tier x 11 tiers/ 1 case in the middle
  • Pallets are wrapped in plastic to keep out dirt and bacteria and strategically balanced for shipping
  • Size of the pallet can vary upon request.
  • Serves approx. 450 people for 1 day at 64 oz. per day. 
NOTE:  California orders will have a California Redemption Value (CRV) charged to their orders according to CA CRV Rates in addition to what is shown in your shopping cart
These charges are $1.20 per case or $120.00 per pallet.
NORMALLY $39.00 per Case... Expo Special $37.50 Per Case

12oz - CLICK HERE!

32oz - CLICK HERE!


Crank Flashlight w/ AM-FM Radio

One of our best performers! Used in many of our kits.

This Kaito Crank NOAA flashlight features a black and yellow durable plastic, 5 LED bulbs, with cellphone charger together. Perfect for your emergency kits, outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, backpacking, campers will also enjoy the FM radio and built in speaker.

  • Black and yellow durable plastic
  • 5 LED bulbs with cellphone charger
  • FM/AM radio with built-in speaker
  • 61/2" x 21/4" diameter
  • NOAA Weather band
  • DC Input & DC Output to charge

NORMALLY $20.40 - Expo Price $18.75



Solar & Crank AM/FM Emergency Radio with LED Lantern & Flashlight

1. Dynamo Power: The hand crank generator charges the internal Lithium Battery. 
2. Solar Power: You can play this Radio under the sunlight exposure and it can also charge the built-in Ni-MH batteries. 
3. Can use 3 AA batteries . (Not included)
4. AC : AC/DC Adapter not included, The flashlight & the lantern feature 5 and 8 super bright white LED's respectively, each LED is rated at 15,000 MCD, so it's about 20 times brighter than the hand shake type or squeeze type . The blinking emergency flash features 2 red LED rated at 2000 MCD each. The life time of these LED bulbs are rated at 80,000 hours. so it's perfect for outdoors use, simply keep it in you car, RV, boat and with your emergency kit.

Features: AM/FM radio with built-in speaker, 5-LED flashlight, LED camping lantern, Siren with blinking light, Cell phone charging jack with included USB cord, DC input jack (AC/DC adapters not included)

PRODUCT TYPE: Solar & Hand Crank AM/FM Radio & Camping Lantern, Built-in rechargeable battery: Lithium 3.6V/700mA, Siren sound level: 120 dB, 
Frequency coverage: FM: 88 MHz - 108 MHz, AM 520-1605KHz 
Power consumption: < 1 W , 
Dimensions: 8 1/4" X 5 1/2" X 2 1/2"

NORMALLY $35.50  Expo Special! $32.50

CLICK HERE for your Solar Crank Radio


Nightstick Multi-Function Headlamp


A Great Emergency Headlight

Caregivers love this light in case of power outages. 

It's hands-free and doesn't slip off your head.

 The Nightstick LED headlamp NSP-4602B has 3 lighting options – spot, flood or dual lighting spot + flood) for maximum illumination.

The adjustable elastic head strap is rubberized on the inside for non-slip use – works very well on your head, helmet or hard hat.

What’s included: Nightstick NSP4602B Multi-function headlamp (35 lumen model) with batteries

Features of Nightstick NSP-4602B Multi-Function headlamp:
• Water Resistant

• Non-slip elastic headband with rubberized backing also works on helmets and hard hats

Cree® LED technology
• 3 lighting options:

  •  Spot – 30 lumens, 15 hour run time.
  •  Flood – 15 lumens, 36.5 hour run time.
  •  Dual (spot and flood combined) – 35 lumens, 12 hour run time
  •  Maximum beam range of 19 meters (62 feet)

• Push button switch
   ▹ switching sequence: spotlight->floodlight->dual light
• Adjustable ratchet tilting head
• Impact and chemical resistant
• Engineered polymer light head
• Powered by three AAA alkaline batteries (included)
• Measures 2.4″ wide x 1.9″ high x 1.8″ deep
• Weighs 3.5 ounces with batteries

NORMALLY $19.50  Expo Special $16.50

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