IAEM FREE Evacuation Kit

FREE EVACUATION KIT for the first 100 who respond!


This offer is valid for the first 100 Emergency Managers who respond. One Free Evacuation Kit per respondent. Offer valid from August 27 through September 30.

 Why are we giving 100 Free Evacuation Kits away?

To remember those who lost their lives on 9-11-01.

To honor Emergency Preparedness Month.

To bless the Emergency Preparedness community.

These are the SAME Evacuation Kits that saved many lives during the attacks at the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11, 2001.

Standard Contents Included in this giveaway.

  • 1 - 5 yr Life Water Pouch
  • 2 - Non-Medical Face Mask
  • 1 - Emergency Blanket
  • 1 - Light Stick, 12 Hour (3-4 year life)
  • 1 Emergency Card
  • 1- Packaged in a Zip-lock Bag with a red identification card
  • Content List w/expiration dates

These kits are excellent for desk drawers, office cabinets. Keep them close for any emergency. You will receive your kit and a free current catalog from Simpler Life, a 40 year old preparedness & response company.

 To receive your FREE Evacuation Kit:

Call: 800-266-7737


Email: sales@simplerlife.com. If you email us: Please include your name, your organization name, shipping address, phone number and email. In the subject line of the email write: "Free Evacuation Kit". This information is necessary to receive your kit.


Simpler Life is known for customizing kits to your specifications.

For Example:

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Other Emergency Kits available to meet your specific needs. Call or email for a quote or to place additional orders.





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