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"BIG BLUE" 32oz

50 Year Emergency Drinking Water

Ideal for any mass water / feeding application!

By the Case, $39.00 plus shipping. (Plus CRV for CA Orders)

By the Pallet, $3590.00 plus shipping              (Plus CRV for CA orders)

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  • 50 year Shelf Life eliminates the need to rotate expiring water - Saves labor, cost effective amortized over 50 years.  (Do the math!)
  • Ultra-Pure Water. 1ppm of Dissolved Solids (No boiling, filtering or tabs needed)
  • User Friendly - Convenient 32 oz "Pop Top" aluminum cans
  • Green, Eco-friendly & Sustainable Recyclable containers
  • Pallets are shipped as single pallets. If desired, at storage location, pallets can be stacked 2 high if the bottom pallets are prepared – upon order- with a securing strap and a wood pallet on top of the bottom pallet for stability.
  • 32 fl. oz. cans – 100 cases ⨉ 9 cans/case (900 cans/pallet, 225 total gallons of Blue Can Water). Each 9 can case is 2.25 gallons. Packaging: Water and packaging comply with standards for purified drinking water, with a 50-year shelf life
  • Neutral ph - BPA Free
  • Stays fresh even in extreme heat          
  • Should NOT be frozen
  • Quick Hydration
  • On Site Storage - Positioning beforehand is great wisdom
  • Hospitals Love this new 32oz can.  Excellent for food preparation.

  • Ready Preparation, Response & Recovery for Hospitals - Schools - Churches - Businesses - High Rise buildings, Etc.


  • 100 Cases: 900 Cans - 225 Gallons (28,800 oz.)
  • Weight: 2,090 lbs. (plus the pallet 35 lbs)
  •  Pallet Dimensions: 48" x 40" x 69" High
  • Pallet Configuration: 9 Cases/tier x 11 tiers/ 1 case in the middle
  • Pallets are wrapped in plastic to keep out dirt and bacteria and strategically balanced for shipping
  • Size of the pallet can vary upon request.
  • Serves approx. 450 people for 1 day at 64 oz. per day. 
NOTE:  California orders will have a California Redemption Value (CRV) charged to their orders according to CA CRV Rates in addition to what is shown in your shopping cart
These charges are $0.10 per can.


Prepare for whatever life throws your way with our Just in Case...®3-Day Emergency Food Supply.

$74.00 per case


This stack-able, easy-to-store 3-day kit contains 18 servings of Mountain House meals, approx. 1,706 calories per day. Add this to your emergency food supply for three days' worth of food or combine with our other Just in Case...® kits to meet your unique needs.

With 9 total pouches of delicious just-add-water breakfast, lunch and dinner entrees, you'll be ready to take on anything:

  • Granola with Milk & Blueberries (2 pouches)— Crunchy granola, milk and real blueberries. Each pouch yields two 2/3 -cup servings.
  • Biscuits & Gravy (1 pouch)— Fluffy buttermilk biscuits and savory sausage gravy make for a comforting and satisfying breakfast. Each pouch yields two 1-cup servings.
  • Chicken Fried Rice* (2 pouches)— Rice and chicken in a savory sauce accented with peppers, carrots, and celery. Each pouch serves up two 1¼-cup servings.
  • Chicken & Dumplings (2 pouches)— Chicken, vegetables, and fluffy dumpling bites in a creamy white gravy. Contains two 1-cup servings.
  • Beef Stroganoff with Noodles (2 pouches)— Tender beef, noodles, and mushrooms smothered in a rich sour cream sauce Contains two 1½-cup servings.

Kit measurements: 12.75"(L) x 9.875"(W) x 8.875"(H);

Requires 12 total cups of water to re hydrate or just under 1 gallon (0.75 gallon) and kit weighs 3.6 lbs.  We recommend 1 case of BLUE CANNED WATER per person for preparing food & drinking

No matter what life throws your way, you can expect our meals to taste fresh and delicious when you need them. Thanks to our Taste Guarantee, Mountain House meals will still taste amazing 30 years after they're made. With the longest shelf life in the emergency food industry, it's easy to see why emergency preppers everywhere choose Mountain House.  

*certified gluten-free by GFCO.

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