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If CONVENIENCE is your desire, the GOURMET SYSTEM ™ is for you. This system offers "Just-Add-Water" complete entrees, breakfast, soups, and desserts, as well as foods "Ready To Eat". The major feature of the GOURMET SYSTEM is CONVENIENCE in preparation. Minimal fuel and water are required to prepare these products. This is Gourmet Reserves' very best system!


  • Very lightweight and compact
  • Foods are prepared quickly
  • Minimal fuel required for preparation
  • Largest selection of "Just-Add-Water" entrees
  • Entrees include beef, chicken, and turkey
  • 100% no cook feature.

Simply use hot water. In an emergency, cold water can be used in our foods. Hot water re-hydration time is 7 to 10 minutes. Cold water re-hydration time is 30 minutes.

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