Emergency Light Center with 3 Bright Lights



Mount on any surface in a garage, basement, office, or commercial/industrial building so it is quickly located in any power outage. Contains rechargeable Wind 'N Go® products that continually receive a trickle charge so they are ready to go when needed. If the power stays out for an extended period of time, and the battery is depleted in the flashlight, just wind it up for more power!

One minute of winding will provide up to one hour of use.


  • Bright Lights!
  • 3-LED lights HI (3 LEDs) and LO (1 LED)
  • Impact resistant cover
  • Power out blinking lights
  • Charging indicator lights change from red (charging or power out) to green (fully charged)
  • Glow in the dark details UL listed
  • AC/DC power cord
  • This ELC includes 3 - #7208 Wind ' N Go® BriteLights in 3-station wall mounted charging center.
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