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  • Could you feed your family for a year or possibly 2 years or more from your garden if you had to?
  • Do you have enough seeds to plant a survival garden to feed your family?
  • Do you have the right kind of seeds?
  • Can you save the seeds from your harvest to plant next year?

Our seeds are Non-Hybrid or Open-Pollinated seeds which allow you to collect seeds from a crop for future planting. Hybrid seeds do not.

All of our Seed Packs are 100% Non-Hybrid AND Non-GMO (not genetically modified) and specially sealed for long term storage.

Using these non-hybrid seeds you can plant now and save the seeds from the grown crop for future use!

Why use non-hybrid seeds? Click here.

Seven things you should know about buying seeds. Click here.

  • Use now, AND save for a future emergency
  • Be aware - there are different kinds of seeds
  • These are top-end Non-Hybrid seeds with a long shelf life!

This Farm Pack is designed for farms, large-scale storage, seed investment and for groups, large and small.

Be assured, our seeds are not hybrid or genetically modified. You can save your harvest seeds from this year and have more than enough to plant next year. You never have to buy seeds again! This is not possible with hybrid or GMO (genetically modified) seeds.

This pack includes very large amounts of many vegetable, fruit, grain and legume varieties. This Farm Pack is the #1 selling large quantity organic non-hybrid seed set in the world.

Whether you are supporting a commercial farm or simply storing a large quantity of seed for investment, this Farm Pack is the best value you can get. Many groups and organizations buy 2 or more Farm Packs to make sure they have MANY YEARS of seed supply for large groups of people, no matter what.

The Farm Pack contains varieties of high-nutrient vegetables, fruit, grains and legumes with LOTs of seed left over for storage. All varieties are 100% non-hybrid, allowing you to save the seeds for future planting.

The Homestead Pack and Farm Packs are "INVESTMENT GRADE" Seed Packs.

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