Potomac® Emergency Mask - Enhanced respiratory protection against Ebola!



Enhanced respiratory protection against Ebola!


Protects Nose, Mouth & Eyes
Potomac Mask is Certified with an FFP3 filter that removes
more than 99% of particles at 0.2 microns including viruses
The Ebola virus measures about 1 micron

POTOMAC® Emergency Mask – an extremely compact, lightweight, full-face mask that can be easily put on to protect in an emergency situation. The POTOMAC® Emergency Mask was designed to provide certified protection by filtering biological threats – including ebola, anthrax, and smallpox – for military and civilian use. There is no comparable product on the market today.

Advantages of POTOMAC:

Currently, many people are using an N95 respirator for their protection against Ebola

  • Potomac filters 99% – N95 filters only 95%
  • Potomac also protects your eyes where and N95 only protects  your nose and mouth
  • Potomac provides an excellent seal to your face with its silicone mask body reducing the risk of ebola leaking into the respirator.  The seal on an N95 respirator is not as safe

Unique Features:

  • lightweight folded dual-filter design mask
  • silicone, facial-conforming, instant-fit mask body provides excellent sealing
  • two large filters accommodate high-volume air flow, allowing for heavy exertion and stress during an emergency situation
  • precision one-way exhalation valve maintains easy exhaling
  • excellent speech transmission; telephones, cell phones and microphones can be easily used
  • anti-fogging eye lenses of rigid polycarbonate also provide impact protection


  • Meets European Conformance Standard CE-0158
  • Meets European Norm (EN)149:2001 FFP3
  • Meets the DIN ISO 9001 Manufacturing Standards
  • Certified by DQS – a member of IQNET, The International Certification Network
  • Independently laboratory-tested by the distinguished TNO Prins Maurits Laboratory, in the Netherlands
  • Independently laboratory-tested by Miller-Nelson Research Inc. Laboratory, in the U.S.A
  • Independently laboratory-tested by DMT Deutsch Montan Technologie GmbH, in Germany
  • Independently laboratory-tested by NC-Laboratory Spiez, the Swiss Defense Procurement Agency

The POTOMAC is currently being used by:

  • U.S. Government Agencies
  • U.S. Army
  • Police Forces
  • Sheriffs
  • Emergency Services
  • First Responders
  • Hospitals
  • Mass Transit Workers
  • Corporations
  • Individual Commuters
  • Households
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