Simpler Life Laundry-Free Linens, Disposable Bedding



Wisdom says, “Foreseeing Impending Crisis & Preparing Promptly!”

“Feels like flannel, breaths like cotton!”

  • Mass Care & Sheltering   
  • Emergency / Disaster Management                               
  • Surge Response Beds & Cots  
  • Hospitals & Health Care/ Medical Centers  
  • Residential/Home Healthcare/Clinics             
  • Disease Control
  • Hotels & Resorts & Motels w/out power or water
  • Fire Camps/ Camps
  • Transportation Passenger Delay            
  • Faith Based Facilities
  • Homeless/Refugee Support    
  • Event Preparedness
100% Bio Based, Laundry Free!                                                   

   Use them for days, weeks then throw them away or put in the compost. 

Sold by the Case

Each set contains a fitted sheet, a flat sheet & pillow case(s). (Full, Queen & King sets get 2 pillow cases)


  • Sleep Sacks are good for cots w/out mattresses.
  • Cot sets are best for cots with mattresses.
  • Long Shelf Life, Store in cool, dry conditions
  • Comfort – Hygiene Kits available to you, CALL Below! 1-800-266-7737

Custom Sets are available in quantities over 1000 sets,

CALL for special pricing over 5000 sets!

Free shipping on orders of 10,000 sets. We will “shop” the best freight for you on any order.


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