Triage & Treatment Tarp System, Reusable



    • Designed Specifically for MCI Response
      Oversized 15' x 20' specialized MCI tarps with layout lines for optimal
      patient placement and quick reference patient numbers.
    • Key Features:
      ► Waterproof and Easy To Clean
      ► Metal Grommets for Staking
      ► Patient Layout Lines
      ► Patient Numbers

      Kit Contents:
       Red, Immediate Treatment Area Tarp
      Yellow, Delayed Treatment Area Tarp
       Green, Minor Treatment Area Tarp
       Black, Morgue Treatment Area Tarp
       Durable Carry Bag
    • Ideal For treatment and triage.
    • Tough, reusable, colored & Logo'ed.
    • Four Colors (4 Tarps) - Green-Minor, Yellow-Delayed, Red-Immediate, Black-Morgue.
    • Tarps are approximately 15' x 20', tarp.
    • Carry bag included.
    • Tarps are NOT sold separately
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