Two-way Radio AC-DC adapter, Crank-rechargeable Built-in Battery



2-Way dynamo radios, each with 2-LED flashlight are ideal for emergency response. Utilizes the Wind 'N Go® dynamo system so power is always available.

If you need more power, just crank it up and off you go.


  • 38 privacy codes
  • Auto scan
  • Low battery indicator
  • VOX (Voice Activated Transmission)
  • 22 channel 2-way radio with up to 10 miles in optimum conditions with unobstructed line of sight (3 miles in and around buildings, or with interference). Actual range may differ based on your conditions including weather, power lines, and geography. Our testing in an urban area shows the distance to be closer to 2100 feet.
  • Backlit LCD display.
  • Call alert and key lock.
  • 2 LED flashlight. Includes A/C adapter.
  • 3 ways to power it; AC-DC adapter, crank-rechargeable built-in battery, or optional cigarette lighter charger.
  • One year warranty.
  • Pricing is for a pack of TWO radios
As a personal note, two of our local Emergency managers give this a thumbs up for their application!
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