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Bob & his wife Crystal and our Simpler Life staff, Gino, Kathy, Enrique, Lette' and Dean welcome you to our website. Both  Miriam & Bernie have retired after over 20 years of service. Both were real treasures and served our customers well. Our thanks go out to Miriam & Bernie!

Simpler Life was "birthed" in 1979 just before I lost my job due to an injury. Months before, Crystal and I had put away a years food supply for both of us. To our great surprise we were using that supply and continued to use it for over a year as I was recovering. What a blessing! Crystal made most of our meals from scratch and we enjoyed hearty, inexpensive, nutritionally packed dishes.

During my jobless days, after much study, prayer, and counsel, I became convinced that America was headed for difficult days...a conviction which still stands. Our vision and burden formed - to help prepare people for the difficult days ahead.

As we began, I taught classes on self-sufficiency, preparedness, and food storage, while Crystal was teaching families to prepare and use their storage foods.

In the mid 1980's with the increase of earthquakes, hurricanes, and other disasters, our business expanded beyond food to a full line of "people products" including water, medical, shelter, and custom emergency kits.

We've had the privilege of supplying thousands of America's Businesses, Schools, Cities, Counties, States, Hospitals, and Relief Agencies. We also specialize in equipping employees with home and vehicle kits and supplies.

From our 37 years of serving, here's what we can offer you:
  • Trust, Care & Singleness of Heart - this is our only thrust
  • Long term relationship & a Servant's Heart.
  • Innovative Kits & Supplies.
  • Excellent Workmanship & Value.
  • Fresh Products & Prompt as Possible Delivery.
  • Proven Counsel and Support available for your planning.

You've heard our mini-story. Thanks for your eye and ear. Now let's take a trip through our site to see what else is in the store for you!

A special "thank you" to the many of you who have supported us over the years!!

Our Love,
Bob and Crystal Snedaker
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