Our Story

Simpler Life Emergency Provisions was founded in 1981 by U.S. Air Force Veteran Bob Snedaker. This California-based, family-founded business has grown throughout the past four decades to provide emergency preparedness equipment and survival supplies to numerous organizations nationwide. 

Today, agencies and companies across the US rely on Simpler Life Emergency Provisions to equip their employees, residents, and students to survive any natural or manmade disaster including storms, active shooters, floods, fires, evacuations, and more. 

Simpler Life Emergency Provisions aims to provide the comprehensive level of care and customer service you'd receive from your local hardware store down the street, along with the expertise, technology, and convenience of a national 'big box' store or online retailer. 

Recently affiliated with parent company Munnerlyn Corporation, Simpler Life Emergency Provisions has joined a growing family of companies with similar business and personal values at the heart of the organization. CEO of Munnerlyn Corporation, Boaz Munnerlyn, is an experienced entrepreneur and executive with more than 20 years of success in business leadership, technology, and sales.

Some of these values and objectives that guide the teams at Simpler Life and Munnerlyn Corporation include:

  • Trustworthiness and Care for clients' best interests, growth, success, and safety
  • Long-term customer service relationships and personalized attention
  • Innovative kits, equipment, and supplies
  • Fresh products and prompt delivery
  • Proven expertise and support to assist with your emergency planning

In addition to the above values and our commitment to improving the lives and businesses of others, Simpler Life has recently begun the process of an innovative technology makeover to build upon its successful history as a leading provider of emergency preparedness and disaster survival equipment.

We look forward to working with you to provide emergency supplies for your company, government agency, school system, or building.

From Bob Snedaker, the Founder:

"Simpler Life was 'born' in 1979 just before I lost my job due to an injury. Months before, Crystal and I had put away a years food supply for both of us. To our great surprise we were using that supply and continued to use it for over a year as I was recovering. What a blessing! Crystal made most of our meals from scratch and we enjoyed hearty, inexpensive, nutritionally packed dishes. 

During my jobless days, after much study, prayer, and counsel, the need for disaster preparedness became crystal clear to me.

As we began, I taught classes on self-sufficiency, preparedness, and food storage, while Crystal was teaching families to prepare and use their storage foods.

 In the mid-1980s with the increase of earthquakes, hurricanes, and other disasters, our business expanded beyond food to a full line of 'people products' including water, medical, shelter, and custom emergency kits.

"We've had the privilege of supplying thousands of America's businesses, schools, cities, counties, states, hospitals, and relief agencies. We also specialize in equipping employees with home and vehicle kits and supplies."