Businesses / Corporations

re your employees, staff, and/or office tenants prepared and equipped to survive a disaster? Simpler Life Emergency Provisions, Inc. has provided evacuation kits and office survival supply kits to corporations and businesses nationwide for more than four decades.

In case of fire, earthquake, flood, storm, and any natural or manmade catastrophic events, Simpler Life survival kits will enable your staff and tenants to evacuate the building safely with the supplies needed to provide first aid, escape through smoke or floods, or shelter in place if needed.

Our variety of survival gear, evacuation supplies, and first-aid kits for businesses and corporations are packaged in convenient heavy duty duffle bags or backpacks for easy transport. Simpler Life's various products and kits have helped millions of people survive major disasters over the past 40+ years.

Our emergency provisions and kits are ideal for any business setting including:

  • Shopping centers and malls
  • Office buildings and corporate real estate
  • Churches or meeting halls
  • Skyscrapers and high-rise buildings
  • Retail shops
  • Government buildings
  • Any businesses or public buildings

We can provide tailored solutions and kits to meet any needs. However some of our most popular emergency preparedness items and survival kits for businesses and corporations include:

  • 2-4 person Search & Rescue kits
  • CPR Kit
  • Zippered Pouch Evacuation Kits
  • Desk Emergency Kits
  • Personal Safety Kits
  • Field Kits - 3 day
  • Waterproof Heavy-duty Medical Kits - from 2-50 people
  • Fire Blankets

Be a part of the solution!

Contact Simpler Life today to discuss the emergency planning needs of your business and get an effective disaster preparedness solution that meets your budget and keeps you in compliance with OSHA, FEMA, and any other local or state authorities.