Cities / Counties / State Agencies

City, county, state, and federal government agencies across the country have relied on Simpler Life Emergency Provisions, Inc. since 1981 to help meet their disaster preparedness regulations and needs.

As a Facilities Director, Safety Director, or other emergency planning leader in your organization, you need a trusted resource that provides the highest quality products and kits you need to stay compliant and protect your employees, citizens and constituents.

Whether you need CERT kits and supplies, medical kits, or emergency provisions, Simpler Life can provide all the materials and supplies needed. We can help equip first responders, EMS, safety personnel, and more.

In addition to emergency supplies, we supply all of the tools needed to manage your facilities and utilities in a disaster such as headlamps, hard hats, vests, crow bars and pry bars, gas shut off tools, and axes.

We can package individual items into kits which are built to suit your agency's specific emergency supply needs, from blankets and ponchos, to food and water, to patient transport and more.

Contact a Simpler Life associate today to discuss your agency's disaster planning and equipment needs. We look forward to assisting you and your department in planning your supply shipment to ensure it arrives in time and on budget.