Homes / Residential / Family Preparedness

Protect your family, loved ones, and/or your residents from natural and manmade disasters with all the necessary supplies needed to survive any event including storms, fires. floods, power outages, and more. Whether you need a go bag or bug-out bag for your family, or if you need supplies for residents of an apartment building or residential facility, or if you wish to supply refugee kits for humanitarian aid, Simpler Life Emergency Provisions, Inc. can help.

Be part of the solution with emergency provisions and survival kits from Simpler Life. Can your family survive several days without power or shelter or protection from the elements? Our products for families include a variety of vital medical items and provisions needed to survive, as well as evacuation supplies for refugee families too. Our family and household emergency supply kits come in sizes adequate to sustain 1-5 people for up to three days each, and can be customized for larger family and group needs as well.

Our kits for families, homes, and residential survival needs are offered in a variety of waterproof packages and carrying options, including backpacks, duffle bags, clear PVC bags, and rolling bags.

Product options for kits or individual purchase include everything your family needs to escape, evacuate, and or survive a catastrophic event:

  • LifeStraw water purification tool
  • Hygiene supplies
  • First aid and medical products
  • Food bars
  • Flashlight
  • Blankets and hand warmers
  • Sanitation items
  • Gloves, ponchos
  • Light and radio with batteries
  • Much more

Our refugee kits are utilized by relief organizations around the world and may be customized for any evacuation needs of your family, neighborhood, or organization. Standard refugee family evacuation kits include up to 150 items to sustain a family of four for several days and include a backpack or duffle for easy transport. These can be scaled up or down in size and contents according to your specific evacuation and travel supply needs.

Simpler Life has been a trusted provider of family survival supplies nationwide for more than 40 years. Call us today to protect your loved ones, or to provide aid to refugee families.