Hospitals / Medical

For healthcare workers, being ready for a catastrophe is a way of life. When a hospital or medical center becomes 'Ground Zero' for a disaster, the medical center must still function and provide care to existing patients and render aid to survivors of the event.

That's why healthcare facilities and emergency response agencies across the country depend on medical kits, and survival gear from Simpler Life Emergency Provisions, Inc. to ensure they're prepared for disaster, and compliant with FEMA and state regulations for medical facilities. For more than 40 years, Simpler Life has provided a variety of survival supplies and emergency medical kits for health systems and their staff.

FEMA requires hospitals to be adequately equipped to operate for at least 96 hours under catastrophic conditions, including power outages, fire, or flood. In the event of a disaster, hospitals must be prepared with all the equipment necessary to provide care to patients and provide a safe working environment for workers including power, food, water, and medical supplies.

We offer a wide range of products and kits for the medical community including some of these most popular items for healthcare organizations:

  • Complete Medical Kits with supplies for 2-50 people
  • Blue Can Water (50-year shelf life)
  • Warming blankets
  • Triage & treatment tarps
  • Folding stretcher kits
  • Much more

Simpler Life works with hospitals, medical centers, health systems, and emergency response teams across the country to help organizations remain compliant and save lives in the event of a disaster. We can customize kits for your organization to meet your specific emergency response needs.

Contact us today to determine your system's disaster preparedness supply plan, and get prepared today.