School Emergency Supplies

Protect teachers and students with a variety of high-quality survival kits and products adaptable for any school safety and emergency needs.

If you are responsible for students as an emergency planner or safety director for a school system, or if you need emergency supplies for your own children or family members, Simpler Life has got you covered.

Simpler Life will help you keep your school facilities in compliance with local and state disaster and emergency planning regulations, while meeting your budgetary needs.

For classrooms, dorms, and schools of all levels, sizes, and ages, Simpler Life provides a variety of products and kits to help students survive any disaster and/or evacuate the school campus safely. School provisions and customized kits can help students to safely shelter in place and survive for days.

Examples of disasters which school students must prepare for and survive include: 

  • School Lockdowns
  • Earthquakes
  • Fires
  • Tornados
  • Active Shooters
  • Floods
  • Bomb threats

Simpler Life provides kits of all sizes that are conveniently packaged for college kids, teachers, and supplies for younger/smaller kids and students too.

One popular school safety and survival item is our lightweight armor plate, that fits right inside a standard school backpack. Without adding any weight, the student’s bookbag instantly becomes a bulletproof shield.

Additionally, we offer lockdown kits, sanitation kits, medical kits, shelters, and food or water supplies for schools to keep their teachers and students safe and to ensure their survival of any disaster or emergency on campus.

Contact a Simpler Life consultant today to discuss your school systems’ emergency planning needs and we can help you create a compliant, effective plan for your emergency supplies that will adequately prepare your school staff and students to survive any event.