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Campus Command Kits

Campus Command Kits

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The Campus Command Kit is an Organizational Tool to instantly identify Incident Personnel as well as the Command Post.

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Ideal for:

  • Search and Rescue Groups
  • Medical Groups
  • Care and Supervision Groups
  • Release Group Locations

The Campus Command Kit will integrate Seamlessly into the Incident Command System which has been adopted by most Fire Departments and E.M.S. providers throughout the United States.

Command kit contents:

  • 5 - 12" X 24" color coded FLAGS with 2" letters to immediately identify the following areas:
    • Campus Command Post
    • Campus Search and Rescue/Group
    • Campus Medical Group
    • Campus Care and Supervision Group
    • Campus Release Group
  • 13 Position VESTS.
    • Campus Incident Commander
    • Campus Operations Chief
    • Campus Safety Officer
    • Campus Liaison
    • Campus Finance Chief
    • Campus Logistics Chief
    • Campus Public Information
    • Campus Plans Chief
    • Campus Search and Rescue Group Supervisor
    • Campus Medical Group/Supervisor
    • Campus Student Release Group Supervisor
    • Campus Care Group Supervision
    • Security Group Supervisor
  • Position CARDS
    • Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS) responsibility cards for each position
  • Inventory CHECKLIST Sheet
  • Carry bag for Components with Handles and Shoulder Strap.
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