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Simpler Life Emergency Provisions

Meal Size Energy Bars, 5-Year Life

Meal Size Energy Bars, 5-Year Life

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Ideal for:

    • Vehicles
    • 1st Responder Snacks
    • Sheltering & Care Snacks
    • Emergency Kits
    • School Kits
    • Evacuation Safety Kits
    • CERT Kits
    • Hearty, Low Sodium

LONG SHELF LIFE - It is strictly made with long expiration date for up to 5 years. Even if you stock in a long period of time the taste is still the same, crunchy and fresh. Keeps you nourished and alive. Each bar contains over 400 calories!

Nine natural flavors to choose from: Vanilla, Coconut, Lemon, Orange, Raspberry, Cherry, Blueberry, Tropical and Apricot. Makes an excellent snack or meal substitute. 400 calories/bar. 144 bars/case. 5 year shelf life. (no mixed cases) If necessary, Simpler Life reserves the right to substitute flavors.


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