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Simpler Life Emergency Provisions

Meals Ready to Eat (MRE) without Heater

Meals Ready to Eat (MRE) without Heater

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Our source is one of the major D.O.D. MRE suppliers. 


  • Fully precooked, ready to eat (hot or cold). 
  • Ideal for a quick meal. Developed for the U.S. Military. 
  • Waterproof packaging. 
  • *5-year Shelf Life. 
  • Fresh - we don't do surplus! 
  • Available with or without heaters. 
  • Approximately 900 calories per meal. 
  • **No water required.  
* 5-Year Shelf Life, if consistently kept under 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Manufacturer strongly suggests a three year inspection date to check for rancidity. If no problems are found, allow another two years before replacing. 
 **No water required, except for the heaters (2 oz. per heater if you order heaters), and the powdered drink may require water.

Meal and Case Info:

  • 12 Meals per case. 
  • 6 Menus in each case. 
  • Case weight is 19 lbs. 
  • Waterproof packaging.
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